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Hi, my name is John Brown, knife enthusiast and geologist and the founder of The Tactical Knives. is a review and tips blog where we discuss, product review as well as provide buying guide of different kinds of tactical knives. We have been administering this blog for almost 3 years. We bear all our expenses of this blog through affiliate marketing.

At the end of the year 2016, we took a decision that we will spend a particular portion of our income for the welfare of students. Only because of this reason, this $1500 Bi-annual Student Scholarship Program has been started since 1st January 2017. After executing the first program with remarkable success, now we have started 3rd term scholarships contest on our blog. This is an ongoing Scholarship Program and we hope that as long as we will be continuing this blog, we will keep on leading this scholarship program. In addition to that, we will be increasing the number of winners as well as prize amount.

Number of Winners and Amount of Prizes

The best essay writer will be the winner. There will be two winners. The first winner will receive a cash price of $1000 and the second winner will receive a cash price of $500.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To apply for this scholarship you must be a student of high school, college, or university. There is no restriction of age, subject, grade, and country.

How to Take Part or Submission Guidelines

For taking part in this scholarship, you have to write an essay on the tactical knife or different kinds of knives. Your essay has to in between 1000 to 2000 words.

1. One candidate can write maximum 2 essays.
2. Your essay must be 100% unique and plagiarized free. If we find 1% of it is plagiarized, you will be rejected. (Use this free tool for checking your essay uniqueness Plagiarism-Checker)
3. Do not include any type of reference link in the article.

The Essay Topic

We will fix your essay topic. Also, we will provide you with the essay points, word limit of each point, the total number of word of the essay and the resource links. The resource links have similar types of articles that will help you to complete the essay even if you are a newbie. If each candidate provides us different types of essays that would be so difficult to us to find the best writers. This is why we will provide a specific topic, which will be same for most of the candidates.

Contact us here for the easy

Your subject must be “The Essay Topic” and mention your “Country Name” in the mail body.

How We Would Like to Receive Your Entry

After completing the essay, you must e-mail us the essay in a word file or text file attached.

Also, provide us your name, home address, phone number, photo and institute name where you are studying now or will be studying. If you do not send us all these personal information, your submission will be rejected. We respect your privacy and we will never, ever share your personal information with anyone. We will only feature you on this scholarship page as proof of this contest. People would only be able to see your name and country.

Send us your article through this email

Your subject must be “The Complete Essay”.

Scholarship Deadline Update, Winner Announcement, and Payout

This scholarship program is arranged twice in every year. This is an ongoing Scholarship Program and we hope that as long as we will be continuing this blog, we will keep on leading this scholarship program. Officially there is no deadline for this scholarship. But some universities require a deadline for adding it on their website that is why you can fix it 12-31-2018 as an estimated deadline.

Fist Contest Starts on 1 January and Ends on 31 May (Each Year)
(Winner will be announced on 20 June, winner price will be sent on 30th June)

Second Contest Starts on 1 July and Ends on 30 November (Each Year)
(Winner will be announced on 20 December, winner price will be sent on 30 December)

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

1. You should be aware that entry to the competition gives us the right to make use of your article for our own marketing and promotion should we find it suitable.
2. All the submitted essays will be recognized as the property of
3. The contest update and the winners of this contest will be notified via your e-mail and posted on this scholarship page.


Topics We are Covering on This Blog


Best Tactical Folding Knife & Buyer’s Guide

Best Combat Knives – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ka Bar USMC Knife Review

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Review

Zero Tolerance 0350 Review

Buck Hunting Knife Reviews

SOG Twitch II Review


Winners of 1st Term Scholarship Contest 2017  

  1. Albert Clarke (University of California, San Francisco)
  2. Timothy G. Wooten (University of Texas–Austin)

A total of 39 essays were submitted by 23 people and the winning possibility for a single article was 5.13% and for double articles 10.26%.

Winners of 2nd Term Scholarship Contest 2017

  1. Lisa C. Murrell (California State University, Los Angeles)
  2. Charles A. Johnson (Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio)

A total of 52 essays submitted by 30 people (Updated-30-11-2017) and the winning possibility for a single article is 5.5% and for double articles is 11%.

3rd Term Scholarship Contest 2018

Running (Send your request, we will send you “The Essay Topic” ASAP)

Contest Starts on 1 January and Ends on 31 May (Each Year)
(Winner will be announced on 20 June, winner price will be sent on 30th June)

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Can anyone submit more than one article on more than one topic at a time?
Answer: Yes, one contestant can submit two articles on two topics at a time. In this case, we will provide you 2 different topics. It will increase your winning possibility.

2. I have taken part in this program once; can I once again or every year takes part in this program?
Answer: Yes, you can. You can take part as many times as you want.



SECU Foundation People Helping People

Members of State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) established the People Helping People four-year scholarship program to help North Carolina public high school students attend college.

lthough the SECU Scholarship program wishes to recognize academic achievement, the People Helping People Scholarship has a much broader purpose; recognizing leadership, integrity and community involvement. 

The SECU People Helping People Scholarship is only available to graduating public high school seniors who are either members of SECU or the child of a parent/guardian who is a member of SECU. Preference will be given to students whose parents or guardians and family members are public sector employees (state, local or federal government; public health; public education) who live and work in North Carolina. Additionally, preference will be given to those majoring in public service degree programs (such as Public Health, Education, Public Administration, and Public Policy). Scholarship recipients in good academic standing will be able to receive the scholarship up to a maximum of eight (8) consecutive semesters at the same university. Students selected should not be the recipient of other large scholarships.

We require all applicants to follow the formal application process set by the SECU Foundation. All graduating seniors meeting the stated criteria will be eligible for consideration. The criteria have been designed to give the Scholarship Selection Committee flexibility in awarding the scholarship. The committee will recognize an individual in the senior graduating class deserving of an opportunity to attend college and will select recipient(s) without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religious preference, age, national origin or disability. The Scholarship Selection Committee will use the following criteria to award the SECU Foundation People 

Helping People Scholarship to a recipient who:

1. Is either an SECU member or is eligible for membership through a parent/guardian.

2. Is a senior at a North Carolina public high school who has been accepted to one of the 16 constituent campuses of the University of North Carolina System.

3. Is a US citizen and a resident of North Carolina under NCGS 116-143.1, and is eligible for in-state tuition.

4. Identifies a financial need as determined by submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

5. Best exemplifies the “People Helping People” philosophy of State Employees’ Credit Union, and has demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity, and community involvement.

6. Demonstrates scholastic achievement with a maintained 2.5 or higher unweighted grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and may be deserving of financial aid.

7. Will use the scholarship to pay for full-time undergraduate student tuition and fees.

8. Agrees to continue as a full-time student in good standing with the same university for up to eight (8) consecutive fall/spring semesters payable at $1,250 per semester. Scholarships are not transferable without prior approval of SECU Foundation.

a. A written appeal for transfer must be made to the SECU Foundation prior to transfer.

b. No transfers will be allowed to a university outside of the UNC System.

c. Any gap in active enrollment will result in non-eligibility for funding for each semester missed.

9. Is not a Board Director, employee, or immediate family member of an employee of State Employees’ Credit Union or the SECU Foundation. (Note: For the purpose of this scholarship program, immediate family is defined as spouse, parents, siblings and children of an employee or persons living in the same residence and maintaining a single economic unit.)

Click here for Guidelines for Writing Your People Helping People® Scholarship Bio

Click here for the People Helping People Scholarship Consent Form

Click here to view SECU Foundation 2018 High School Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria

Click here to view a completed example application 

Click here to download SECU Foundation People Helping People Application

Deadline to submit all documents to the counseling office is Friday, March 9, 2018.

Please see Mrs. Arbelo-Fredericks or your counselor if you have any questions. 


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