Respect Towards Teachers Essay

Less than 25 per cent of people in European countries tended to think that pupils respected teachers – compared to 75 per cent in China.

And when we asked whether people would encourage their children to become teachers, just 20 per cent of Germans and 25 per cent of British people said that they definitely would.

We thought it would be telling to ask people to name another profession which they felt had a comparable status to teaching.

In the West, teachers were overwhelmingly thought of in the same bracket as librarians or social workers. Compare that to China, where teachers were considered to have an equal status to that of doctors.

This lack of respect for teachers in the West is clear when you consider how doctors are viewed. You only have to look at the mainstream media to see how celebrated the medical profession rightly is.

When teachers do get a mention in the media they are often blamed for a vast array of society’s ills: from the loss of good manners to the decline in competitive sport to the shortage of entrepreneurs.

This attitude towards teachers is not just morally wrong, it’s sabotaging the education system. If we constantly attack teachers, we will miss out on generations of talented graduates who will not want to join a profession that is constantly derided.

That’s why it’s time to really recognise the role teachers play in developing young people’s minds and bettering society. It’s why we have created the first ever global teacher prize – open to those who teach children that are in compulsory schooling or are below the age of eighteen – to find an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

If our culture so richly rewards celebrities, actors and sports stars, heaping praise and riches on them, why should not an outstanding teacher be equally celebrated? Why shouldn’t teachers have their own equivalent of the Nobel Prize or the Oscars?

Due to the huge number of high quality nominations we have extended the deadline, so there is still a week left to nominate a worthy teacher.

Ten candidates will then be shortlisted in early December and the winner announced next March at the Global Education & Skills Forum. The winning teacher will receive $1m – awarded over a period of ten years.

The winning candidate will be a teacher who has achieved exceptional results in student learning, and won the respect of the community through activities beyond the classroom.

They will have been a role model to other teachers through charity, community work or other cultural achievements, will have encouraged other teachers to join the profession and contributed to discussions and debates about how to raise teaching standards.

But the prize is not just about one teacher – it’s about unearthing thousands of stories of inspiration; examples of quietly heroic teachers who, against great odds, enthuse their classes, bring out the best in their pupils, and help them overcome the things that are holding them back.

There was a teacher behind every great inventor, every great philosopher and every great idea in history. Fierce independent minds – from Nelson Mandela to Steve Jobs – have paid tribute to the influence of a teacher during their early years.

The fiendishly complex challenges of the modern age – from climate change to frenetic technological change to global conflict – will require better ideas, and better teachers, than ever.

Sunny Varkey is founder and trustee of the Varkey GEMS Foundation

Mutual Respect Between Students and Teachers Essay

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Mutual Respect Between Students and Teachers

The relationship between students and teachers should be one of mutual respect. Students should listen to the teacher and try their best in the class. Teachers, on the other hand need to do their best to give their students a quality education and respect them as individuals. There should be a set curriculum, but teachers need to be creative in how they teach what is required. California is considered one of the lowest in terms of education standards. In order for this to change, teachers and students both need to start working towards a solution.

Students need to have more respect for their teachers and take more responsibility for their education. I have noticed a difference in the…show more content…

The only time I have used Calligraphy since was to address my wedding invitations. I did have a creative writing class, which helped me with my writing skills, but because of the amount of work we did it seemed more like a required class. Maybe the schools need to update their electives to reflect what will be useful to the students' futures.

Two big differences I noticed between when I attended high school and now were being able to leave campus for lunch, and writing our own notes when we turned eighteen. Now, because of fighting off campus during lunch as well as tighter security, students have to stay on campus for lunch. I understand the concern for safety, but is the answer taking away their freedom? A few of the students I talked to referred to school as "jail". Most schools have fences all the way around them, and some have metal detectors. One local school put video cameras around campus, yet they don't have enough money for field trips, or updated textbooks.

When I was in High School writing our own notes made us feel like we were being accepted into the adult world. We were responsible for our decisions. If we missed too many classes our grades would suffer. Making the decision of attending class helped prepare me for the responsibility of college. Sometimes giving students the ability to make choices about their lives makes them more responsible. Sure there will be those who take advantage, but are we really being fair by

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