Can Sheen Procs Critical Thinking

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Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Sheen is 58.73% gold efficient without its passive.
  • Optimal use of Spellblade makes this item at least 131.77% gold efficient on every champion. Spellblade must be used at least once every 6 seconds (on average) for the item to be considered gold efficient.

(Assuming a champion procs Spellblade every 1.5s, including an average casting time of 0.5s, that equals 2 seconds between each proc, or 0.5 damage procs per sec. This damage value is compared to extra on-hit damage whose procs scale with attack speed.)

100% base AD on-hit / (attack speed / 0.5) = BASE AD × 25 / (2 × ATKSPD)Gold.
(2 can be replaced with the number of seconds between each proc.)
The lowest value (using Orianna's Level 1 stats) is766.87Total = 1383.54

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