Mass Media Radio Essay

Radio as a Means of Mass Communication

Information is useful in any setting because it is an authentic instrument in the understanding of discrete, business and social objective or goal. Any society requires information; thus sending and receiving information are important activities. Today, the introduction of radio has greatly changed the means information is disseminated. The article discusses radio as a means of mass communication.

Radio ranks as one of the common means of communication because of its appealing features. Some outstanding features of the radio include interactivity, its ability to needle a dialogue and to lobby the contribution of residents with lesser production expenses and extreme adaptability. Also, radio programs are normally timely and able of spreading messages to the listeners despite where they are provided that they own a receiver with enough power supply. Radio is not affected by nascence of facilities such as water, light or road. Also, difficult landscape, time, distance or socio-political demands do not block radio performance. Furthermore, radio messages can be relayed in own recipient language. Thus illiteracy does not affect understanding messages.

As means of mass communication, radio has its weaknesses and strengths. A good radio programmer has different strengths. Radio being an audio medium creates pictorial pictures that are evocative. When listening to a radio play, or a scene being described it creates more imagination than it would through television. Although it plays sound, the radio utilizes the listeners’ imagination to create mental pictures of the message.  Radio is affordable and most people even those in developing countries can own one. For the programmers, radio production is cheap especially if the potential audience is not a big population. Radio is also uncomplicated where the listener is required to own a receiver set, and use easy controls to tune into programs.

Radio is immediate where it can directly broadcast proceedings as they occur without any delay. The audience rests at home or wherever they are and hear happenings taking place across the world. Therefore, the radio is an excellent source of news. The radio is personal where the listener relates to a good program because the broadcaster is relaying relevant and useful information. The radio is also a trussed channel especially if the listeners like and trust the broadcaster.

The radio is an accepted mode of mass communication and a part of most homes. Most people listen to the radio when working, at home or some other place. Unlike, the watching television or reading a newspaper, the radio does not require much attention or concentration. It fits as a channel for mass communication because it is diverse where the broadcaster can broadcast different subjects such as sports or a farming program. It is also widespread where it broadcasts worldwide across territories

One of the functions of the radio is entertainment. It relaxes and kindles prompting pleasure, reminiscence, eagerness or curiosity. The radio plays music from its comprehensive record library that is comparable to none. The radio also plays the role of informing listeners in different topics such as new products and services or jobs. The news program is the most common radio program for the latest updates.  The radio also educates its audience because the broadcaster gathers a world of ideas. Listeners are educated on different topics through concepts and facts. The messages reach out and educate both the educated and illiterate audience depending on their learning needs.

In conclusion, radio as a means of mass communication has its strengths that when capitalized they can become an effective medium of communication. It has proven to be a powerful and popular channel of mass communication.

Mass Media and its effects on todays society Essay

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I wanna be a Nickelodeon kid!” the five year old chanted and swayed along with the hyper-colourful cavorting youngsters on the commercial. Even after the TV was off, she hopped around the room proclaiming her desire to belong to the Nickelodeon network.
We know the girl didn’t realize what she was saying, but it’s an excellent example of how malleable human beings are. Television is an unprecedented powerful medium, combining rapid sight and sound in a way that has a tremendous and impacted psychological effect. Companies wouldn’t pay millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial during major sporting events like the Olympics if this weren’t the case. Adults may not run around their living rooms chanting “I wanna drive a Land cruiser!”…show more content…

Why is it that millions of cinema-goers will flock to see “Saving Private Ryan” or “Black Hawk Down” for a simulation of the same experience that caused millions of war veterans post-traumatic shock and severe depression?
When I recently decided to watch the latest reality TV show, I was surprised at how drained and listless I felt afterwards. Apart from the dreary, unintelligible show’s content; the lethargic state was simply the effect of the screen experience on a human body. You don’t notice it until you’ve fasted from visual media for a good long while, but it is powerful. It’s a completely different feeling from finishing a book, or coming inside from gardening, or sitting around a table after a good meal. It fosters a laziness and dullness of being that I can’t imagine is healthy in large doses.

The screen is a strange thing. It takes our minds and turns them from active filters into passive absorbers. When the music swells, tears exit our ducts; when the characters say a funny line, we obligingly chuckle; when they begin to kiss or undress, our eyes widen and our pulses quicken. These are the logical human responses to such stimuli, and the producers not only know it - they make astronomically large amounts of money exploiting them.
We’ve all excused our participation in modern entertainment. We can concede it a special space as a cultural medium perhaps by calling it an art form (“Hey, it must be quality if the Academy nominated it for an award”), or by

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