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Cocktail Server Resume Samples

Cocktail Servers work in bars and restaurants where they serve cocktails. They perform all the usual duties of a waitress, such as taking orders, cleaning tables, collecting payments, checking customer age, answering to customer inquiries, and resetting tables for the next service. Employers select resume demonstrating serving skills, dexterity, the ability to stand several hours in a row, attention to details, courtesy and interpersonal abilities. No formal education is required for the role, and resume samples for Cocktail Servers display a high school diploma.

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Cocktail Server

Accustomed to working in fast-paced environments with the ability to think quickly

  • Ability to work independently through the use of multitasking and strong attention to detail
  • Consistently sell between $1500-2500 per shift which ranks top sales
  • Communicated efficiently with patrons and ensure stellar customer service

Cocktail Server

Took drink orders from the customers.

  • Served chilled alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to customers
  • Verified the Id presented by the customer to check his/her drinking age.
  • Collected use glasses and bottles from the tables
  • Maintained clean and safe work area

Server & Cocktail Server

Created a pleasant dining experience for guests in a past-faced environment

  • Worked with other servers to ensure all guests both in bar and dining room received an exceptional dining experience
  • Maintained cleanliness of station and tables in assigned section as well as restaurant
  • Trained new cocktail servers with restaurant procedures and ensured new trainees were knowledgeable of menu and drink items
  • Made drink and menu recommendations and upsold guests on menu and wine items

Cocktail Server

One of Miami's hottest club. Being a small venue did not stop this club from bringing the biggest names to the party

  • Up-selling Bottles every weekend to our celebrities and very important patrons.
  • By staying as energetic and upbeat as my guests I built clientele list and repeated business.
  • I became one of the venues top producer selling an average of 10,000 dollars a night to 30,000+ dollars on a few tables of big spenders.
  • Very comfortable and very responsible handling cash and credit cards.

Cocktail Server

  • Ensured quality customer service by tending to customers in a timely fashion
  • Quickly learned the computer software to eliminate time
  • Developed relationships with customers easily
  • Maintained the cleanliness of the establishment during downtime
  • Used suggestive selling techniques when introducing promotional items

Cocktail Server

Worked in a very fast pace, upscale, high end restaurant at the base of Peak 7 ski lift

  • Cocktailing, and constantly up selling and insuring happiness for the in and out skier
  • My sales typically ranged from $900-$1300 in a typical five hour shift ( Winter season)
  • Worked as a banquet server for events and weddings ranging from 100-400 people (Summer season)
  • Day to day I was the only server insuring customer satisfaction (Summer season)

Security Representitive/ Bartender/ Cocktail Server

The bartender and the cocktail server and the security representative.

  • Established relationships with repeat cleints and V.I.P's
  • Advanced handling various task at the same time in an efficient and timely manner
  • Responsible for checking I.D's and educated on identifying fraudulent identification
  • Title 31 training to identify and handle money laundering
  • Improved my bartending skills and serving skills and got hands on experience with dealing with intoxicated or inappropriate guests as the security guard

Cocktail Server

Took beverage orders for customers

  • Anticipated and replied to customers queries and needs
  • Passed orders to bar through the Point of Sale System
  • Initiated new methods of serving that reduced time by one-third

Lounge and Cocktail Server

Served wine, beer, cocktails, and food per Forbes Standards Service

  • Ensured high food and beverage quality during high volume times
  • Provided recommendations and knowledge of various cocktails
  • Communicated with other departments in hotel to insure customer satisfaction

Cocktail Server

Served food courses and alcoholic beverages to guests

  • Use selling techniques to enhance profits
  • Vast amount of liquor knowledge
  • Received "Employee of the Quarter" due to positive attitude and work accuracy
  • Involved in marketing aspects to promote the company (i.e, Golf Tournaments)


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Server Cover Letter Sample 1

I’m writing to express my interest in your open server position at Restaurant Redux. With six years of experience as a waitress, cashier and occasional bartender, I believe I’d make an excellent addition to the Redux team.

I should start by clarifying my skill set. I’ve worked for the Grand Luxury Hotel since I was a teenager, beginning my career as a dishwasher and eventually working my way to the banquet hall as a server. I learned innumerable skills during that time, including how to take orders, how to sanitize dining areas and even how to prepare basic appetizers.

After three years of hard work, I was transferred to Vacation Getaway Express, one of Grand Luxury’s sister resorts. This is where I learned the arts of drink mixing and cash handling. While my primary position was still that of a server, I was also known as a “jack of all trades” who could fill in for other employees as needed.

It’s this flexibility and versatility that makes me such a good worker. In addition to being named Employee of the Month seven times during my tenure with Grand Luxury and its sister companies, I’ve also achieved the best ratings in customer surveys and feedback forms. I was even personally complimented by the District Manager, Kevin Reed, when he acted as a secret shopper on our premises. I’ve included him as a reference on my resume.

You said in your job listing that you’re looking for a self-starter, someone who can “hit the ground running” once they’re hired. I’m a very motivated and independent person. As previously stated, I worked my way up through the hierarchy of the hotel, and I learned all kinds of skills just by observation and intuition.

My philosophy as a server is simple: Always put the guest first. Their experience trumps everything else. It isn’t enough to simply bring them their food; from their seating arrangements to their dessert choices, servers should strive to make their night the best of their lives.

If you hire me, you’ll be gaining a passionate, steadfast employee who still believes in the Golden Rule and works hard to uphold it every day. I can be contacted by phone or email if you’re interested in scheduling an interview. I’m available any time during the week between the hours of 6am and 4pm.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Server Cover Letter Sample 2

I was pleased to see your job listing for a Texas Ranch House server. As an experienced restaurant server, I believe I have both the skills and the personality required to give your patrons a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

I should start with my credentials. I’ve just recently obtained an associate’s degree in hospitality management from Southdale Community College, and I’m seriously considering going back to school for my bachelor’s. I read in the Texas Ranch House brochure that you have an excellent management training program, so I’d like to work my way up to that some day.

In addition to my education, I also have four years of real-world experience as a server, bartender and line cook. I’ve worked inside and outside of the kitchen, so I have a keen understanding of what it takes to keep a restaurant running on all fronts.

In terms of job history, I’ve worked at both Cindy’s Craw Shop and the West Marina Resort, the dates and details of which can be found on my attached resume. I’m seeking a new position at Texas Ranch House because I believe you can foster my passion, dedication and hard work in a way that will allow me to have a real future with your brand.

My skills as a server include but are not limited to:

-Seating guests
-Taking orders
-Refilling drinks
-Restocking condiments
-Upselling menu items
-Balancing up to six plates at a time
-Handling cash and credit cards
-Cleaning and sanitizing dining areas
-Encouraging guests to sign up for our loyalty program

You said in your ad that you’re looking for lively servers who aren’t afraid to be bold. I’m very much a people person; I pride myself on being able to make all of my guests laugh before their dining experience is complete. My exceptional service has led many customers to request me by name when they’re being seated by other employees. I also top the quarterly district rankings for most upsells.

If this cover letter speaks to you, I’d love the opportunity to discuss my skills and qualifications in person. I can be reached by phone or email any day of the week. I can also provide additional references or submit to a background check if you require more information about me.

Server Cover Letter Sample 3

My previous employers, all of which were highly trafficked restaurants taught me a lot in terms of how to conduct myself with patrons. I am extremely outgoing and truly enjoy interacting with people and making them happy.

I pride myself on my accuracy and attention to detail for each order. My extensive experience has instilled in me the capability to understand the need for appropriate service, and ensuring that each patron’s order is well taken care of. My natural ability to maintain a neat and clean environment ensures that my personal work space and the serving areas will always be cleaned properly. All of these skills I believe make be a great server which was recognized by my previous employer who awarded me server of the month twice this year.

By virtue of my love of working in the hospitality field, I am confident in my ability to do justice to the high standards you set for your employees. I can be reached by the phone or email address included and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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